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Godzilla 2000 (1999) UV/HDX

Godzilla 2000 (1999) UV/HDX

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Godzilla 2000 (1999)

Get ready to crumble! The king of all monsters is back and bigger than ever! The action heats up when a UFO reveals itself as a massive alien monster with awesome destructive powers. The alien monster heads straight for the behemoth "Godzilla" who's just crushed the entire city for the battle of the millennium. But "Godzilla's" furious heat beam may not be enough to destroy the death-dealing alien, and the future of humankind is in jeopardy. Now, it's a bang-up, threeway, no-holds-barred brawl as "Godzilla", the alien monster and the courageous citizens of Japan fight an unprecedented battle for survival in this earth-shattering new sci-fi action adventure that will blow you away.

Redeems in Ultraviolet HDX: 'Godzilla 2000'

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