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The Forger UV/HDX (InstaWatch)

The Forger UV/HDX (InstaWatch)

5.99 USD
The Forger
Starring Jennifer Ehle, Abigail Spencer,
John Travolta, Anson Mount, Tye Sheridan
& Christopher Plummer

A second-generation petty thief (John Travolta) makes a deal with a crime syundicate to get out of prison to spend time with his ailing son (Tye Sheridan). In exchange for his release, he must forge a painting by Claude Monet and heist the orignal. He enlists the help of his father (Christopher Plummer) and son to pull off the family heist of their lives.

Redeems in Ultraviolet HDX: 'The Forger'
*This ports over to other Ultraviolet platforms.